ACME White Loft Bed

 ACME White Loft Bed (Tested & Reviewed)

The ACME White Loft Bed multifunctional bed is designed with a modern style in mind and comes complete with a variety of beneficial features. Not only is this loft bed perfect for freeing up floor space, but it also provides additional storage options. Making it an ideal choice for those living in small apartments or dorms.

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Since 1985, LA-based ACME has grown. ACME has six branches in San Francisco, NYC, NJ, and Texas. We offer high-quality products at competitive costs to deliver the finest customer service.

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ACME White Loft Bed Review

5-Drawer Chest

The ACME White Loft Bed with five drawers is a high-quality chest that provides ample room for your clothes, and linens. And other items while adding a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

ACME White Loft Bed have 5-Drawer Chest

The sleek white finish is sure to impress with its modern design. The five drawers provide plenty of storage space, making it easy to organize everything from sweaters and jeans to extra blankets and towels. Each drawer also has a soft close system so they won’t slam shut when opened or closed. Plus, the sturdy construction ensures that this chest will stand up against wear and tear while still looking stylish in any bedroom setting.

Built-in Desk

A built-in desk can be a great addition to any home, providing you with both space and convenience. With the ACME White Loft Bed, you can have a fashionable and functional workspace in no time. This sturdy wood loft bed incorporates a desk with lots of storage space for your laptop, books, and other school supplies.

ACME White Loft Bed have Built-in Desk

The integrated shelves are perfect for storing your office supplies or displaying art pieces or decorations. There’s even an open shelf at the bottom for extra storage options. The slatted design on the headboard ensures that there’s an abundance of natural light coming into the room. Plus, it gives the bedroom a chic look that will complement any decor style.

Twin Loft Bed

This handsome piece of furniture features two twin beds, one on top and one below, with an included ladder to get to the top bunk. The under-bed space can be used as a play area, storage, or even an extra room when guests come to stay. Parents will appreciate the sturdy construction and classic style that this bed offers. Its white finish is sure to brighten up any room.

ACME White Loft Bed is Twin Loft Bed

It also has two side ladders which provide easy access to the top bunk. Making it ideal for kids and adults alike. The sturdy construction makes this loft bed both safe and secure so you can rest assured your loved ones are sleeping safely. This versatile loft bed allows for maximum utilization of space in a small bedroom. It’s also easy to assemble yourself with minimal effort. Its solid wood frame ensures stability and durability, making it safe and secure for siblings or friends sleeping over. And parents will love how much easier it is to make beds each morning since there are two mattresses already in place.

Classical Details

The ACME White Loft Bed is a stylish and modern piece of furniture that will give your bedroom a timeless look. With its durable wood construction and classic white finish, this loft bed is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any home.

ACME White Loft Bed have Classical Details

The impressive craftsmanship of this piece is apparent from its intricate detailing – starting with the arched headboard, which has a graceful scalloped edge and two small posts on either side for an elegant touch. A built-in ladder provides easy access to the lofted sleeping area above, making it perfect for children or guests who need extra space in their rooms. On top of that, there’s plenty of room below for storage or study space with its open shelves and desk area.

Panels, and Round Knobs

Crafted with panels, and round knobs, this bed provides an elegant look that will blend in with any decor. The traditional design elements of the bed will become an instant classic in your home – perfect for both adults and children alike. 

Panels, and Round Knobs

The loft bed has a durable construction crafted from solid hardwood, ensuring it will last through years of use. The short panels on the headboard add a touch of sophistication while providing extra support when sitting up in bed. The round knobs at the footboard offer an additional style element that adds just enough character to make your room stand out from the rest. The huge panels provide ample storage space for things you’d rather keep out of sight, but the slim design makes it suitable for tighter quarters. You can count on this loft bed to last for many years because of its durable build and chic style.

Wide Beadboard

The bed features a classic and simple design with clean lines and wide beadboard panels that lend a contemporary feel. Finished in white, it’s sure to look great in any home décor setting. It also comes with an optional trundle bed which fits neatly below the main mattress – providing extra storage space and sleeping space for larger families or guests who might stay over. 

Wide Beadboard

Featuring easy assembly instructions and all necessary hardware included, this loft bed from ACME can be set up quickly and enjoyably.

Materials of Whitewood

The bed’s sleek and modern design features whitewood materials that make it a timeless piece that will fit in with any contemporary home.

Materials of Whitewood

The sturdy construction of the ACME White Loft Bed ensures that this bed will stand up to even the most active family members. The use of high-grade whitewood provides strength and durability while its crisp white finish brings a touch of elegance to any room. Not only is this bed strong and reliable, but its smooth surfaces are easy to keep clean and free from dust. Additionally, the ladder-style steps give plenty of support when climbing into or out of the lofted sleeping space for added safety and convenience.

Comparison Between ACME White Loft Bed Vs JACKPOT! Castle Loft Bed

Product information ACME White Loft BedJACKPOT! Castle Loft Bed
Material‎Wood, Veneer, Engineered WoodPine
Style‎Loft BedModern
Brand‎Acme FurnitureJACKPOT!
Included ComponentsBedTent, Slide, Silver Hardware, Tower, Loft Bed with Stairway
Item Weight‎289 Pounds213 Pounds
Furniture Finish‎WhitePainted

Why You Should Trust Us?

We take great pride in our products, especially when it comes to the ACME White Loft Bed. This beautiful bed has been designed with comfort and style in mind. It features a modern design with solid wood construction, creating a sturdy frame that will last for years. Plus, there’s plenty of storage space underneath so you can keep your room clutter-free.

How We Picked?

We chose this loft bed because of its unique design that provides comfort and safety for users. It is made with quality wood and metal materials and provides extra space underneath for storage or playtime activities. It also has a guard rail surrounding it so children can have a safe sleeping area without worry of them falling out during the night or day. We thought this bed was not only stylish but also practical due to its ability to provide extra space in smaller rooms or apartments.

How We Tested?

We started by examining its construction materials and design features like slats, headboard height, and storage compartments. Then our team got down (and up!) to business with rigorous testing for stability, comfort level, and ease of assembly. After that, we put it through its paces with simulated daily use tests for durability. Finally, we gave it an overall rating based on all these criteria so you can make an informed decision about whether this loft bed is the right one for you.

10 Best Adult Loft Bed Reviews

An adult loft bed is a raised bed designed for adults that creates extra space underneath. It’s a space-saving option for small rooms, allowing for a desk, seating area, or storage below. Safety and sturdy construction are crucial. They come in various styles and materials, offering a practical solution for maximizing space.

FAQ– (Frequently Asked Questions) About ACME White Loft Bed

1. Can The Desk Part be turned around?

Yes, You can easily turn the desk part of the ACME White Loft Bed around. You can choose to place it against the wall or in the middle of your room – it’s all down to personal preference.

2. How does this loft bed the drawers open?

The drawers of the ACME White Loft Bed open using a handle located near the bottom of each drawer. You can easily pull out one or both drawers and have easy access to whatever you need.

3. Does the desk swivel up without being taken to the loft?

All you need to do is pull out the included ladder from beneath the bed and adjust the height of the mattress so that it sits just above the level of your desk.

4. Can you reverse the sides of the desk vs drawers?

First off, make sure that all of your tools are ready–you’ll need a screwdriver or drill and some screws. Then unscrew the drawers from their current side and attach them to the opposite side of the bed frame with new screws.

5. What tools do you need to put this together?

You need some basic equipment – a power drill with interchangeable heads and bits, a saw (hand saw or circular saw), a hammer, a screwdriver set, and measuring tape.

Final Thought

The ACME  White Loft Bed is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish, space-saving bed. This bed is made of solid wood to ensure its durability and long-lasting performance. It’s white finish and classic design allow it to fit in any bedroom decor and make it easy to match with other furniture pieces. Furthermore, the built-in storage drawers are perfect for keeping items like books, toys, and blankets organized while taking up minimal floor space.

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