Bunk Bed for Small Room

10 Best Bunk Bed for Small Room Review

Finding the best bunk bed for a small room can be a challenge. For those who are limited in space and want to maximize their available area, having the right bed option is essential. There are many different types of bunk beds on the market, but choosing the best one for a small room requires a bit of research. Fortunately, this article will provide an overview of various options available so that you can make an informed choice when selecting the best bunk bed for your small room.

Best Bunk Bed for Small Room Reviews

1 . DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed

DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Rustic Dirty White Finish
  • Slat-Kit Included
  • Fun Building Theme Bunk Bed
  • Removable Ladder

Introducing the luxurious DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed: a timeless and elegant piece to provide comfort and style to any bedroom. Combining modern, high-quality materials with a rustic dirty white finish and classic slat-kit construction, this bed brings sophistication and charm with a playful building theme making it ideal for both children and adults alike. This bunk bed includes removable ladders for easy access in addition to its highly durable design that can stand up against everyday use. Perfectly suited for twins or siblings sharing a room, the DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed is an ideal choice when creating an inviting contemporary bedroom atmosphere.  With its distinct style and lasting quality, this bunk bed is sure to be admired through years of satisfaction.

Why we picked it

– You’ll get a cool, fun bunk bed that will be the envy of all your friends.

– The included slat kit makes it sturdy and reliable.

– It’s easy to assemble, with just a few simple steps.

– Imagine your child’s face when they see their new bunk bed 

– it will make them so excited they won’t be able to sleep!

– You’ll love the contemporary style that will look great in any room.

2. Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed

Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Solid New Zealand pine wood bed frame
  • Durable, non-toxic, low VOC finish
  • High 400 lb. weight capacity per bed.
  • Modern slatted headboard and footboard
  • Color-matching hardware for a clean finish
  • Space-saving
  • Generous 14-inch safety guard rails

Introducing the Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed, for a stylish and luxuriously elegant solution to any sleeping needs. Boasting strong and stable construction with a 400-pound resting weight capacity per sleeping surface and 106 pounds for the slide, as well as a slatted headboard with flush color-matching hardware, this bunk bed is sure to stand up over time with steadfastness. 

Making it even better–a fun feature, you don’t want to miss–are curtains that can be attached to transform the bed area into a play space. Hand-sewn and made from 100% cotton, these curtains come with one front panel and one side panel that easily attaches with hook and loop fastener strips. 

Ideal for those who don’t have an excess of space, this sleek bunk bed has a total footprint of 99.5″L X 42.5″ W X 50″H, excluding the staircase 81.5″L X 42.5″W X 50″H making it ideal for those low ceilings rooms. And there’s more–enjoy extra space for storage in built-in staircase shelves! What’s even better is that you get to choose which direction you would like your ladder or slide as both can be installed on the left or right-hand side during assembly. 

Max & Lily has everything you need for a luxurious and modern sleeping solution—sturdy construction, modern & clean design, fun features, and space-saving capabilities—all fit into one package ideal for everyone’s needs!

Why we picked it

– Low price for a high-quality product.

– You’ll get your money’s worth with this bed.

– Be able to give your child the best of everything.

– Watch them play and grow in their own space.

3. DHP Solid Wood Kids Bunk Bed

DHP Solid Wood Kids Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Easily converts to two stand-alone beds
  • Construction includes bed support slats, guardrails, and a ladder
  • The top bed accommodates a twin mattress
  • Assembly required. Meets US Safety Standards
  • 1-year limited warranty

Whether you want to maximize bedroom space or let your little ones sleep in style, the DHP Solid Wood Kids Bunk Bed is the perfect answer. With its strong and durable wood construction and beautiful design, this bunk bed is an elegant space-saving solution that both parents and children love. Designed with safety in mind, it features a tall upper guardrail and solid four-step angled ladder for easy climbing up to the top bunk. And you won’t need any additional box springs or foundation because support slats are included in this set. Additionally, this bed can also be unstacked to become two standalone beds as your kids grow up and require more sleeping space. Perfect for children of all ages, there are various color options available to suit any room décor. So, invest in the DHP Solid Wood Kids Bunk Bed today for unlimited comfort and convenience!

Why we picked it

– You’ll get two beds for the price of one!

– The bunk bed is sturdy and safe.

– It’s easy to assemble.

– Your kids will love having their own space to sleep and play.

– This bunk bed will last for years, making it a great investment.

4. Olela Bunk Bed

Olela Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • All-round Security
  • Long-term Use
  • Stable and Durable
  • Extremely Fast Delivery
  • Quality Service
  • Excellent Weight Capacity
  • Featuring full-length guard rails

Introducing the Olela Bunk Bed, the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. Crafted with quality materials, this bunk bed is designed to stand the test of time. With its sturdy and durable construction, it can hold up to 200 pounds and provide a safe sleeping concept for your loved ones. 

This multipurpose bed can also be converted into two separate twin-size beds when your child grows. It features full-length guardrails and a built-in three-step ladder for additional security and stability kept together with metal structural connections that won’t loosen over time. Not only this, but its round corner design promotes extra safety for your little one. 

The best part of this stylish bunk bed? It’s an integrated trundle! Easily accessible from four casters, you will no longer have to worry about accommodating unexpected guests or friends. This extra twin-size mattress guarantees great space saving for compact environments. 

Don’t wait any longer to treat your kid with a smart and elegant solution such as the Olela Bunk Bed – assembly is easy and convenient so you can enjoy a restful sleep right away!

Why we picked it

– Your kids will have a safe and sturdy place to sleep.

– The bunk beds are easy to assemble.

– Give your kids a room that feels like their own personal haven.

– Let them entertain friends without worrying about them sleeping on the floor.

5. MERITLINE Bunk Bed for Kids

MERITLINE Bunk Bed for Kids

Key Features

  • Twin Bunk Bed with Slide
  • Removable slide guaranteed kid fun all year long
  • 13.7 safety rails, keep your kid safe when sleeping
  • Built-in slide makes the room a playground for your kids
  • Low profile design, perfect fits house with low ceiling
  • Stairs with handrails allow easier access to the top bed

The MERITLINE Bunk Bed for Kids is the perfect choice for both fun and practicality. It includes two standard twin beds, giving two children a safe, secure place to sleep and plenty of room to play in. For an extra bit of adventure, an optional slide can be added to give your children an unforgettable experience while they sleep.

This bunk has been designed with safety in mind, featuring a low profile that is suitable for toddlers and kids and a weight capacity of 150 lbs for the top bed and 200 lbs for the bottom bed. Both beds fit traditional twin-size mattresses (sold separately), giving ultimate comfort when it’s time to rest. Finally, this bunk features a storage stairway which will add more functionality to your kids’ bedroom. The MERITLINE Bunk Bed provides all the necessary functions you would need, making it an elegant and practical addition to any home.

Why we picked it

– Low profile design is perfect for toddlers and kids

– Features storage stairway for added convenience

– Give your child the ultimate bedroom fun with a slide bed

– Keep their room neat and tidy with built-in storage

6. SOFTSEA Twin Bunk Beds

SOFTSEA Twin Bunk Beds

Key Features

  • Provide maximum security: double guardrail for upper bed
  • Staircase with banisters for easy climbing
  • Side ladders and guardrails on the top bed for safety
  • New Zealand pine wood and MDF twin bunk bed frame
  • Modern, hardwood, and stylish low bunk bed
  • Space-saving bunk bed
  • Easy to assemble

Introducing the SOFTSEA Twin Over Twin Bunk Beds with Staircase and Storages – perfect for your little one’s room. Crafted from solid New Zealand pine wood and MDF, this elegant bunk bed offers superior quality and a modern style that is sure to make any bedroom or guest room look clean and sophisticated. With side ladders and guardrails on the top bunk for safety, you can trust that your child will be safe when entering the upper bed. The staircase also features banisters for added stability, making it easier for your little one to enter the upper level of their bunk bed. And as an added bonus, the ladder also comes with storage to help store away any idle items that need putting away. Assembling easily, this twin-over-twin bunk bed is great for optimizing space in bedrooms of any size for those not-so-spacious areas. Go ahead and today!

Why we picked it

– This bunk bed is a great space saver. 

– It has a beautiful painted finish. 

– This bunk bed will make your child’s transition to big kid furniture easy. 

– It’s made of solid pine wood for durability.

7. Walker Edison Twin Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Twin Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Twin beds support up to 200 Lbs
  • Made from responsibly-sourced solid pine wood
  • No box spring is required, the Bunkie board recommended
  • Integrated guardrails and ladder included
  • the traditional bunk bed is sturdy and exceptionally stylish
  • A great solution for space-saving needs

Introducing the perfect addition to any bedroom, the Walker Edison Twin Bunk Bed. Crafted from responsibly-sourced solid pine wood, this elegant bed is both sturdy and exceptionally stylish. Ideal for kids’ bedrooms or guest rooms, this traditional bunk bed features full-length guardrails and an integrated ladder for easy access to the top bunk. Your space needs will be taken care of thanks to its ability to convert into two individual beds when needed. Approved for safety with a weight capacity of 250 pounds per bunk, you can trust that your family will be kept safe and secure. With a classic design and impeccable style, the Walker Edison Twin Bunk Bed promises elegance no matter the need.

Why we picked it

– You’ll get two beds for the price of one. 

– This bunk bed is made from responsibly-sourced wood. 

– It doesn’t require a box spring, so it’s easy to set up. 

– The integrated ladder and guard rails make it safe for kids. 

– You can use this bunk bed as a space saver in your kid’s bedroom or guest room. 

– When you don’t need the bunk beds, you can unstack them to have two twin beds side by side.

8. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Space Saving Design
  • Multi-Functional Use
  • Maximum weight recommendation:450 pounds
  • 2 integrated side ladders come included to provide versatility 
  • Secured metal slats offer optimal support

Looking for a timeless, elegant piece of furniture for your bedroom or guest room arrangement? Check out the DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed. This modern bunk bed features a classic black steel construction that looks great in any space and is sure to impress guests. It has a twin top bunk over a full bottom, offering lots of sleeping options. It also comes with sturdy built-in ladders and metal slats on the top and bottom beds providing the right amount of support while ensuring you get a comfortable and durable night’s rest. The maximum total weight capacity is 450 lbs making it perfect for larger sleepers too. So don’t miss out on this timeless feature piece that will securely serve you and your family for years to come!

Why we picked it

– Get a modern, stylish bunk bed for your bedroom or guest room. 

– Twin top bunk over a Full bottom. 

– Accommodates 1 twin and 1 full-size mattress (max thickness: 6”). 

– Slats distance – 2.5”; Min. ceiling height – 7′. 

– Surprise your kids with a fun new bunk bed that will make sleepovers even more exciting. 

– Create an extra bedroom for guests in record time

 – without having to spend a fortune on renovations!

9. Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 69.25” H x 41.75” D x 79” L
  • Top and bottom bunks support up to 200 Lbs. each
  • Fits most twin beds,
  • 5”- 9” mattress thickness recommended
  • Integrated guardrails and ladder included
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

If you’re looking for a premium twin-over-twin bunk bed with an elegant contemporary style, the Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed is a great choice. Built with strong and durable steel metal construction, it easily fits into any space and can support up to 200 pounds on both bunks. The mattress designed specifically for this bed is five to nine inches thick and will provide your children with the necessary comfort while they sleep. With integrated guardrails of extra protection and an included ladder attached to either end, you won’t have any problems accessing the top bunk. This product comes ready to assemble with step-by-step instructions and you will feel the satisfaction of making your little ones smile without having to compromise on elegance or modernity when it comes to choosing décor for their room.

Why we picked it

– Save space in your child’s room. 

– Easily fits with any home décor

– Sturdy steel metal frame. 

– Give your child the ultimate sleepover experience without leaving home. 

– Create a fun and stylish space for your child to grow up in.

10. JOYMOR Solid Wood Bunk Bed

JOYMOR Solid Wood Bunk Bed

Key Features

  • Low profile bunk bed is a great choice for a small room
  • Made of solid pine wood with hardwood slats
  • Safety Kids Bunk Bed
  • Ladders can be attached to either side
  • All necessary tools and a clear step-by-step instruction
  • Free replacement within 1 year for installation problems

Welcome to Joymor, where engineering and design come together to create perfection. Allow us to introduce you to our stunning JOYMOR Solid Wood Bunk bed, the perfect combination of elegance and function. Crafted from high-quality solid pine wood with durable hardwood slats and a low-profile design, this bunk bed is perfect for saving space in small rooms without compromising on safety or sturdiness. The strong 264.5 pound / 120kg weight limit makes it suitable for adults as well as children, while a full-length guardrail prevents little ones from rolling out of bed at night.

This JOYMOR bunk bed also features two attached ladders adapting easily to either side of the frame, meaning there’s no need to bend down and strain your back reaching up and over! For added convenience, our bunk beds are easy to assemble with all necessary tools included as well as detailed instructions so you can have it ready in no time. Offering a stylish look that will fit perfectly with any modern home’s interior décor and measuring 77.17″L x 41.33″ x 47.24″ H, this is an affordable way of making the most of your living space. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can buy with complete peace of mind knowing that our aim is always your total satisfaction! Invest in luxury today – experience all the luxuries JOYMOR has to offer by purchasing this Solid Wood Bunk Bed now!

Why we picked it

– This bunk bed is a great choice for small rooms with low ceilings. 

– It’s made of solid pine wood and hardwood slats, making it sturdy and long-lasting. 

– The bunk bed has full-length guardrails and a flat ladder to keep your kids safe. 

– It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require a box spring. 

– You’ll be able to save space in your small room. 

– The sturdy construction will last for years. 

– Your kids will love having their own special bed.

Bunk Bed Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a bunk bed? Whether it’s for your kids, your grandkids, or yourself – this bunk bed buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ll explore the different types of bunk beds available, as well as factors like size, design, and material that are important to consider when selecting a bunk bed. We’ll also discuss safety tips and other important things to keep in mind when shopping for a bunk bed.

Size and height

When buying a bunk bed for your child’s bedroom, it is important to take into account the size and height of the bed. You want your child to be comfortable and safe in their sleeping environment. The size, or width and length of the bed, should be taken into consideration when selecting a bunk bed for your child’s room. Measure their current mattress to determine how much space they need for optimal comfort. Make sure you leave enough room around the edges of the mattress so that they can easily climb up and down from the top bunk safely – no one wants a bump on the head! 

The height of a bunk bed is also an important factor when making your selection. It will depend on how high off the ground you want it to be; some parents prefer lower bunks while others like them higher off the ground depending on their preference and safety needs.

Type of bunk bed

There are many factors to consider before making a purchase. Knowing the type of bunk bed that best suits your needs is essential in ensuring that you have a comfortable and supportive sleeping space. Before buying, check the type of bunk bed available in order to determine which one will make your bedroom the most functional. 

For instance, if you are looking for additional storage space, loft beds might be the best option as they usually have drawers or shelves underneath them. On the other hand, if you want to save floor space and make room for other furniture pieces like desks or chairs, an L-shaped model might be ideal. Furthermore, futon bunks provide extra sitting space when not being used as a sleeping area while trundle beds offer two single beds with an additional pullout mattress underneath them.

Consider storage

It’s important to consider the storage capabilities of the piece. Bunk beds can provide an excellent way to save space in a bedroom, but they need to be large enough and have enough storage features so that you can easily store all your items. Before buying a bunk bed, there are some questions you should ask yourself regarding its storage capacity.

The first question is whether the bunk bed has drawers or shelves built into it. This can be quite useful since you won’t have to buy additional furniture pieces or bins for storing clothing and other items. If the bunk bed doesn’t come with drawers or shelves, then check if it has open spaces underneath that could accommodate larger storage bins.

Bunk Bed Material

Before buying a bunk bed, it is important to check the material of the bed. Bunk beds are a great way to maximize space, but they are not all made with the same materials. Different materials can provide different benefits, so it is important to know what you are looking for before making a purchase. 

Metal bunk beds tend to be lightweight and easy to assemble. They also usually have an industrial look that can work well with modern décor. However, metal frames may start squeaking or wobbling over time if not properly maintained or constructed and may require more frequent maintenance than other types of bunk beds. 

Wooden bunk beds tend to be more traditional in style and offer durability and stability over time.


When shopping for a bunk bed, safety should be one of the top priorities when making your purchase. When evaluating the safety of a bunk bed, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost, check that all parts of the bed are constructed from high-quality materials and that they meet safety standards. Make sure that each part is properly secured with screws or bolts to ensure it will not come apart during use. Also, look for additional support posts at the bottom frame of the bed for added stability and security.

Next, make sure you measure your space before making a purchase – many bunk beds have removable ladders or steps which can be adjusted depending on how much space you have available in your room. The dimensions outlined by the manufacturer should give you an idea as to how large this product will be once installed.


Before deciding on a particular model and investing in the purchase, make sure to take care of the most important step: checking the price of the bunk bed. 

It can be tempting to immediately jump at an attractive design or features that match your kid’s preferences. However, it is vital to always look into prices and compare different models before settling on one choice. Thoroughly researching prices will help you determine which option best fits your budget and lifestyle. Additionally, by carefully considering the cost of a bunk bed you can save yourself from any nasty surprises when it comes time to check out with your purchase.

Bunk beds are a great way to save space and make the most of a small bedroom. With the right measurements and materials, they can be a safe addition to any home. After considering the size, material, and safety of bunk beds, consumers should also keep in mind their budget when shopping for one. If a bunk bed fits these criteria comfortably and falls within the desired price range, it is likely to be an excellent choice for almost any room.

Here are some bunk bed FAQs that you may find helpful

How to safely install a bunk bed in your home?

First, make sure you have the right tools and materials to assemble the bunk bed. Follow the instructions carefully and double-check that all screws and bolts are tightened securely. Make sure the bunk bed is stable and secure before allowing anyone to sleep in it. Place a mattress on each level of the bunk bed for safety and comfort. Finally, ensure that there is adequate space between the top bunk and the ceiling for headroom.

What age is appropriate for a bunk bed?

Generally, bunk beds are most appropriate for children ages 6 and up. However, it is important to assess the child’s maturity level before deciding whether they are ready for a bunk bed. If the child can safely climb up and down the ladder and follow safety rules, then a bunk bed may be an option.

How much should a bunk bed cost?

The cost of a bunk bed for a small room will depend on the size and materials used. Generally, a basic twin-over-twin bunk bed can range anywhere from $200 to $1000. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, expect to pay closer to the higher end of that range. Shopping around for deals or discounts can help you find the best price.

Can bunk beds be separated?

Yes, bunk beds can be separated. Most bunk beds are designed to be split into two separate beds. Depending on the type of bed, you may need to disassemble some parts of the bed frame in order to separate it. Some bunk beds come with an optional kit for separating them, which makes the process much easier.

Are there any other safety issues to consider?

Yes, there are other safety issues to consider, such as whether the environment is secure and free from potential hazards like fire or water damage. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that any equipment used is in good working condition and has been properly maintained. Finally, it’s essential to create an emergency plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Final Thought

When it comes to finding the best bunk bed for a small room, there are several factors to consider. Space, comfort, and safety should all be taken into account when choosing the perfect bunk bed for your needs. Thankfully, with the wide range of styles and sizes available today, you can find a bunk bed that is both comfortable and safe without compromising on style or space. With the right bunk bed, you can maximize the potential of any small room while also adding a unique touch of style.

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