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10 Best Mattress for Bed Wetters Review

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, for those dealing with bed-wetting, getting a good night’s rest can seem impossible. Thankfully, the best mattress for bed wetters is designed to help make sleeping easier and more comfortable. With the right mattress, it is possible to keep beds dry through the night and provide comfort to those who suffer from bed wetting.

Best Mattress for Bed Wetters Reviews

1 . Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features:

  • Green tea memory foam cradles your figure and maintains freshness over time
  • Molds to the shape of your body to soothe achy joints
  • Maintains a strong structure for long-term dependability
  • The soft and breathable cooling cover helps banish excess heat
  • An affordable recipe for good sleep 
  • The highest quality foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability
  • Worry-free 10-year limited warranty included

Comfort was taken to a whole new level with the Zinus Memory Foam Mattress. Crafted with refreshing green tea extract and body-hugging memory foam, this mattress features excellent comfort at an affordable price. The Green Tea Essential Mattress is perfect for any spare bedroom, guest room, or kids’ room. Keep the air fresh and retain moisture with the infused Active Charcoal which eliminates any smelly smells that may linger. Experience restful sleep without worry or discomfort guaranteed by its CertiPUR-US Certification which ensures quality craftsmanship and durability. However, note that it is recommended to allow 24-72 hours between unboxing and use of the mattress as it will take some time for it to regain its full shape due to the surrounding temperature. Bring your sleeping experience up a few notches with the ultimate solution which is the Zinus Memory Foam Mattress!

Why we picked it

– Get a good night’s sleep for a fraction of the price of other brands.

– Memory foam conforms to your body for extra comfort.

– Stay cool and refreshed all night long.

– Feel like you got a new mattress for free.

– Enjoy refreshing, smelly-free sleep.

2. Vibe Waterproof Mattress

Vibe Waterproof Mattress

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous sapphire blue euro pillow top
  • Individually wrapped innerspring coils provide orthopedic support
  • Soft breathable terry fabric cover
  • Noiseless waterproof barrier
  • Medium-Plush Feel and Adjustable Base Friendly
  • 99% waterproof mattress pad
  • The mattress protector is machine washable

Treat yourself to a perfect night of rest with the Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Top 12-Inch Mattress. Get the orthopedic support of a traditional wrapped innerspring coil mattress, provide maximum protection against wear and tear, and receive unparalleled comfort from conforming memory foam. The top cover features a detailed stretch knit quilted euro pillow top with gorgeous sapphire blue panels that give it a truly luxurious feel.

Moreover, it ships right to your door in an easy-to-carry box! In addition, this mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified which ensures there are no prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters, or CFCs, no mercury, lead, or heavy metals, and low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality. Whenever protect your mattress from everyday use with the Vibe Premium Fitted Washable Terry Cloth Waterproof Mattress Protector for added comfort and peace of mind. Therefore enjoy a sounder sleep every night with the Vibe Quilted Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Top 12-Inch Mattress!

Why we picked it

– Get the best sleep of your life.

– Orthopedic support and comfort.

– Luxurious feel for a fraction of the price. 

– Imagine getting the best sleep of your life night after night.

– Feel like a king or queen with a luxurious mattress that’s affordable.

3. Drive Medical Comfort Mattress

Drive Medical Comfort Mattress

Key Features:

  • Durable high-quality latex-free polyurethane foam mattress
  • Non-slip bottom and 4 corner straps keep the mattress securely in place
  • Two sides carry handles make lifting and placement easier
  • The removable Nylon cover is fluid resistant
  • Meets flammability standards CFR 1632 and CFR 1633
  • One Year Warranty

The Drive Medical Comfort Mattress is the perfect blend of comfort, support, and convenience. Made with a durable, fluid-resistant Nylon stretch cover and high-quality latex-free polyurethane foam mattress for utmost comfort and support, this mattress can be safely used in a home healthcare setting or at home. The decompressing properties provide relief from pressure points while the non-slip bottom and four corner straps keep the mattress secure during use. For easy lifting and placement, two side carry handles have been added. With its 80-inch length x 36-inch width x 8-inch height size and 275-pound weight capacity, this dependable product comes with a one-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. Discover the ultimate in comfort and support today with the Drive Medical Comfort Mattress.

Why we picked it

– Keep you dry and comfortable.

– Low shear and vapor permeable material.

– Easy to move and keep in place.

– Never have to worry about being uncomfortable again.

– Get a good night’s sleep without fear of waking up wet or sweaty.

– Rest easy knowing you’re taking care of your health by using a quality product.

4. Milliard Premium Folding Mattress

Milliard Premium Folding Mattress

Key Features:

  • Tri Fold with Waterproof Washable Cover
  • Space Saver Single Size
  • The strong and soft cover is removable
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • An internal layer of high-tech waterproofing
  • Comfort and convenience in one luxuriously soft sleep solution
  • All our foam is CertiPur certified

Looking for a comfortable and convenient sleep solution? Look no further than the Milliard Premium Folding Mattress! This mattress is designed to provide maximum comfort as you sink into its luxuriously soft surface. And when it comes to looking after your mattress, you’re in luck. Its strong, removable cover allows for easy laundry care, while its internal layer of high-tech waterproofing ensures that you won’t have to worry about sweat or noise. The mattress measures 25 inches wide x 75 inches long x 4 inches thick and can fold down easily to 25 inches x 25 inches x 12 inches so that it’s compact enough to fit in whatever space you want it. Plus, all foam used in this product is CertiPur certified and has also passed all relevant US regulations – ensuring premium quality with every item! Experience relaxing sleep like never before with the Milliard Premium Folding Mattress.

Why we picked it

– Get a great night’s sleep on a luxuriously soft mattress.

– The strong and soft cover is removable and machine washable for easy care.

– An internal layer of high-tech waterproofing means you can sleep worry-free 

– Fall asleep faster than ever before. 

– Wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. 

– Enjoy the convenience of a foldable mattress that’s perfect for small spaces.

5. NAMC Waterproof Bedwetting Mattress

NAMC Waterproof Bedwetting Mattress

Key Features:

  • Made from dual-sized multi-density foam
  • Available supporting weights up to 500 lbs.
  • Fluid-proof cover with breathable vent
  • Urine-resistant and does not hold odors
  • The CertiPUR-US Foam creates a comfortable mattress with support.
  • Durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Fire barrier protective layer

The NAMC Waterproof Bedwetting Mattress is designed for comfort and efficacy, giving you exactly what you need to sleep peacefully and worry-free. Made from eco-friendly CertiPUR-US foam in the USA, this mattress ensures that only approved eco-friendly formulations are used. The Vynmed healthcare vinyl cover is low friction and resistant to stains, abrasions, and even latex while being quick and easy to clean. Inside the cover, there is multi-layered, multi-density foam to provide optimal comfort and support. With this mattress, adults can comfortably support weights up to 250 lbs and the sealed side seams help prevent liquid penetration so your mattress will remain in perfect condition for longer. Whether you suffer from bedwetting or simply want a comfortable yet sturdy bed, this mattress is perfect for you. Get one today and enjoy restful nights of sleep!

Why we picked it

– Low friction, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, easy to clean

– Supports weights up to 250 lbs. 

– Rest easy knowing you’re supporting American workers and eco-friendly initiatives.

– Enjoy optimal comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

6. Moonlight Slumber Kids Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Kids Mattress

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton mattress cover
  • This mattress is dual-sided for easy transitions
  • It features 6.5” of premium foam
  • Waterproof, Durable, Premium Grade
  • Certified Safe for Children
  • Protected by reinforced, safe-sewn seams.
  • Slumber Mattress has an 8-year coverage.

The Moonlight Slumber Kids Mattress is the perfect choice for your kids or teens! It features a dual-sided design, providing support and comfort in one mattress. On one side is 6.5″ of premium foam with standard support, and on the other side is plush memory foam – giving you the all-inclusive sleep that every young person needs. Plus, it even comes with a custom-fitted mattress cover that’s machine washable and made with luxurious cotton fabric. 

When it comes to safety and quality, this kids’ mattress has it all – it’s encased in a medical-grade knitted fabric with 4-way stretch properties, making sure it’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, odorless, and stain resistant. This mattress also contains CertiPUR-US certified foam plus its fire barrier is woven so there are no harsh chemicals used to coat the mattress or seams. 

For easy care, make sure your children regularly change their sheets and keep their bedding clean. Additionally when cleaning any residue from spills or accidents use a mild detergent without bleach or softeners directly on the surface of the mattress. Let air dry for best results before replacing the sheet onto the mattress. With regular attention to detail following these simple steps should help extend the life of your Moonlight Slumber Kids Mattress.

Why we picked it

– Dual-sided for easy transitions

– 6.5” of premium foam

– Custom-fitted, washable mattress cover

– Waterproof, durable, premium grade

– Certified safe for children

– Make your child’s dreams come true with a soft and luxurious mattress. 

– Keep your child safe and healthy while they sleep.

7. Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress

Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress

Key Features:

  • Convenient foldable mattress
  • The flexible, Lightweight Design is Great for RV
  • Durable water-resistant fabric
  • Non-Slip & Easy to Clean
  • The ideal balance of soft & firm
  • Resilient Construction Ensures Years of Dependable
  • Safe & versatile for all your journeys

The Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress is the perfect solution for comfortable and convenient sleep whenever and wherever you need it. This foldaway mattress is fully transportable, allowing you to bring a restful night’s sleep along with you on any adventure. Its light, flexible design is great to use in an RV, camper, truck, bunk bed, guestroom, daybed, cot, futon, or more.

Featuring durable water-resistant fabric with a non-slip vinyl protector for added protection and easy cleaning. Our mattress provides surprising comfort without the need for a topper or padding due to its thick foam base followed by quality cushion material which together creates an optimal balance of softness and firmness. This combination also provides amazing orthopedic support as well as plush comfort for both adults and children alike. 

You can expect years of reliable use due to its resilient construction that allows you to flip, fold, carry, and store the mattress easily without stress or strain – making it a great travel companion recommended by many doctors for those suffering from lower back pain, muscle aches & pains, and nerve pain. Rest assured that this high-quality product is safe and versatile enough so you can enjoy all your journeys with peaceful nights of sleep thanks to the Fortnight Bedding Foam Mattress!

Why we picked it

– Enjoy a good night’s sleep no matter where you are! 

– Rest easy knowing your mattress is water resistant and easy to clean. 

– Get the perfect balance of softness and firmness without having to add any extra padding. 

– Fold, flip, carry, and store your mattress with ease – it’s practically stress-free! 

– Safe for all ages, this versatile mattress is perfect for anyone on the go.

8. AC Pacific Water-Resistant Mattress

AC Pacific Water-Resistant Mattress

Key Features:

  • Breathable Diamond Quilted Fabric
  • Water-Resistant Memory Foam Mattress
  • constructed with a layer of memory foam ensuring optimal body support
  • Diamond-quilted breathable fabric 
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Made in USA

The AC Pacific Water-Resistant Mattress is designed with breathable diamond quilted fabric to provide excellent comfort and water resistance. The upholstered waterproof fabric in stylish navy blue prevents moisture absorption, guarding against sweat, spills, or accidents. The mattress is also equipped with a layer of memory foam for optimal body support that encourages circulation for undisturbed sleep. For expansion, allow 24 to 72 hours for the mattress to fully return to its natural state in colder temperatures. With this feature-packed mattress, you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Why we picked it

– Promotes proper circulation

– Reduces pressure points

– Conveniently compressed and rolled for easy shipping 

– Enjoy a good night’s sleep on a soft, comfortable mattress. 

– Rest easy knowing you’re helping the environment by choosing a compressed and rolled mattress.

9. Waterproof Vinyl Innerspring Mattress

Waterproof Vinyl Innerspring Mattress

Key Features:

  • The perfect level of support
  • Made specifically for institutional use
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to use
  • Made with premium materials.
  • Available in all sizes
  • 4-Inch Fully Assembled Wood Boxspring

Get a better night’s rest with the Waterproof Vinyl Innerspring Mattress. This mattress has been designed with 357 innerspring vertical and 13 3/4 SH gauge units and a 6-gauge border unit to reduce pressure points, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly. It is also orthopedic and provides the perfect level of support for your body so it can reduce back pain, by supporting every inch of your spine. With its sealed, completely fluid-proof cover and no zipper, this mattress meets all hygiene standards while being ideal for adults or kids with incontinence issues. Plus, everything arrives fully assembled and ready to use – no assembly required! And last but not least, this mattress is made of the best quality materials available. Get a great night’s sleep and get healthier today with this Waterproof Vinyl Innerspring Mattress!

Why we picked it

– Reduce pressure points to help you fall asleep quickly 

– Orthopedic waterproof vinyl and firm support reduce back pain 

– Completely sealed and fluid-proof for hygiene standards 

– Ready to use, no assembly required

10. Treaton Innerspring Mattress

Treaton Innerspring Mattress

Key Features:

  • Offers true waterproof protection
  • Supports the spine optimally
  • Ensures user comfort
  • Meets all institutional standards
  • Allows for easy maintenance
  • Wiping the vinyl cover clean is quick

The Trenton Innerspring Mattress is the ideal mattress for any bedroom space. It’s designed to ensure that users wake up free of pain or discomfort so they can fully enjoy their day. This mattress offers true waterproof protection which eliminates worries about urinary incontinence. The orthopedic innerspring provides optimal back support for a comfortable night’s sleep and features 357 vertical innerspring to reduce pressure points and help you fall asleep faster.

Foam padding ensures comfort without compromising on support. As well, it meets all institutional standards as the mattress is fully sealed with no zipper openings to comply with hygiene and sanitation requirements. When it comes to maintenance, Treaton makes cleaning woefully simple with just a quick, refreshing wipe of its vinyl cover. Please allow 24-72 hours for your mattress to regain its full shape after delivery. Get ready to enjoy the most comfortable sleep of your life with a Trenton Innerspring Mattress!

Why we picked it

– Rest easy knowing your bed is fully waterproof.

– Get the perfect amount of back support for a peaceful night’s sleep.

– Enjoy luxury comfort without sacrificing support.

– Keep your mattress clean and free of germs with easy maintenance.

Buying Guide: Best Mattress for Bed Wetters

If you or someone in your family struggles with bedwetting, it’s important to choose a mattress that can handle any accidents while also providing comfort and support. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for the best mattress for bed wetters:


Look for mattresses with a waterproof cover or protector that can be easily removed and washed. Some mattresses also have a built-in waterproof layer that can protect the mattress from spills and accidents.


Synthetic materials like vinyl or polyester are often used for waterproofing purposes. However, some natural materials like organic cotton can also be used and offer breathability and comfort.

Comfort and Support

Just because a mattress is waterproof doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable. Look for mattresses that offer the right level of support for your body type and sleeping position, as well as features like cooling technology or pressure relief.


Bedwetting can take a toll on a mattress, so it’s important to choose one that is durable and long-lasting Look for mattresses made with high-quality materials and with warranties or guarantees that offer protection against defects or wear and tear.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a mattress for bedwetters is crucial. At first, Look for options that are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Then, Waterproof covers or protectors should be removable and washable, and the mattress itself should be spot cleanable with mild detergent and water.


Mattresses for bedwetters can range in price depending on the material, features, and brand. Moreover, Determine your budget beforehand and look for options that fit within your price range while still offering the necessary features and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Mattress for Bed Wetters

What is the best mattress for bedwetters?

The best mattress for bed wetters is one that is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. Look for mattresses with a waterproof cover or protector that can be removed and washed. Some mattresses also have waterproof layers built-in, which can protect the mattress from any spills or accidents.

Are there specific materials that are best for mattresses for bedwetters?

When it comes to materials, synthetic materials like vinyl or polyester are often used for waterproofing purposes. However, some natural materials like organic cotton can also be used and offer breathability and comfort.

Are waterproof mattress protectors necessary for bedwetters?

Yes, waterproof mattress protectors are highly recommended for bedwetters. These protectors act as a barrier between the mattress and any liquids, preventing stains and odors from seeping into the mattress. They are also easy to clean and can be removed and washed as needed.

How do I clean a mattress for bed wetters?

Cleaning a mattress for bed wetters depends on the material and whether or not it has a waterproof cover or protector. Then, if the mattress has a waterproof cover, simply remove it and wash it according to the instructions. For mattresses without a waterproof cover, spot cleaning with mild detergent and water may be necessary.

How often should I replace a mattress for bed wetters?

It is recommended to replace a mattress for bed wetters every 7-10 years or as needed. If the mattress has any signs of wear and tear, such as sagging or lumps, it may need to be replaced sooner.

Can a mattress for bed wetters be comfortable?

Yes, mattresses for bed wetters can be just as comfortable as regular mattresses. Look for options that offer comfort and support while also being waterproof and easy to clean. Some mattresses even offer additional features such as cooling technology or pressure relief.

Do I need to use a specific type of detergent when cleaning a mattress for bed wetters?

It is recommended to use a mild detergent when cleaning a mattress for bed wetters, and avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that could damage the mattress or waterproof cover. Moreover, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care.

Final Thought

Finding the best mattress for bed wetters can be a difficult and expensive endeavor. However, with the right research and knowledge, you can find the perfect mattress to suit your needs. The key is to find one that is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. Additionally, it should come with a strong warranty in case of any future accidents. Ultimately, it is important to choose a mattress that will give you peace of mind while helping keep your loved ones dry at night.

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