Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed

Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed Review

Harper & Bright Designs have recently released their new Full Size Loft Bed, which is a great addition to any home. It is designed for comfort and convenience, with its modern style and robust construction. This Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed is the perfect choice for those who are looking to maximize their living area without sacrificing quality or functionality. The bed itself has a full-size frame that allows plenty of space to sleep and store items underneath.

About Company

Harper & Bright Designs is an innovative furniture company that specializes in creating stylish and modern pieces for the home. Founded in 2010, this sounded in Los Angeles, California-based business has become a leader in the industry by offering customers a wide range of products at competitive prices. With a focus on customer satisfaction and excellent design, Harper & Bright Designs has quickly become one of the most trusted names in home furniture.

The company’s mission is to provide customers with quality furniture that is both stylish and affordable. To achieve this goal, they offer a wide selection of items across various categories such as living room, bedroom, dining room, office, outdoor and more. Each piece features unique designs crafted from high-quality materials like wood veneer finishes and soft fabrics.

Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed Review

Modern Style Loft Bed Frame

 Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed have Modern Style Loft Bed Frame

Harper & Bright Designs crafts the Full-Size Loft Bed frame using robust steel construction and finishes it in a sleek black color that effortlessly blends into your current decor. The bottom of the frame includes two built-in storage shelves so you can keep items like books or extra blankets accessible but out of sight. There’s also an integrated ladder for easy access to the sleeping area, which is ideal for small spaces where every inch counts. To complete the look, included guard rails ensure safety while sleeping and provide added stability when getting in and out of bed.

Loft Bed With Desk & Storage

Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed with Desk & Storage is the perfect choice for any bedroom. This multi-functional bed has a desk and plenty of storage options, allowing you to make the most out of any living space! With its modern yet timeless design, this loft bed will look great in almost any home or apartment.

 Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed have Loft Bed With Desk & Storage

The Full Size Loft Bed features a sturdy metal frame that can support up to 330 pounds. It also includes an upper bunk, ladder, and safety guard rails for extra security. The lower deck offers plenty of room for studying or working from home, while additional drawers below provide ample storage space for clothes, books, and other items. The included slat system eliminates the need for a box spring mattress, making it easy to assemble and move around as needed.

Safe Loft Bed Frame

Harper & Bright Designs ‘ Size Loft Bed is the perfect solution for your home. This stylish and safe loft bed frame offers you a great way to save space in any bedroom. Its sturdy construction and security guards provide added safety so that you can have peace of mind when sleeping, studying, or playing on the upper bunk. The full-size design also provides plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably. 

Safe Loft Bed Frame

It also comes with a range of features such as guardrails, an integrated ladder, an adjustable height support system, and extra storage space underneath the bed frame.

High-Quality Wooden Loft Bed

This high-quality wooden loft bed features a durable construction that will last for years. With a modern design, this full-size loft bed provides plenty of storage space underneath and can easily fit in most bedrooms.

High-Quality Wooden Loft Bed

The Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed has multiple safety features such as guardrails that help protect your child from falls and four sturdy support legs that ensure stability and durability. It is made from solid pine wood with an elegant black finish giving it an attractive look. The included ladder offers easy access to the top bunk, while the spacious lower area provides room for extra furniture or toys if needed. This piece of furniture also comes with all the necessary tools so you can easily assemble it in no time at all.

Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed comes with Assembly & Warranty

Harper & Bright Designs Loft Bed is designed with both assembly and warranty in mind. It’s easy to assemble, so any consumer can put it together without difficulty. The frame is made of L-shaped steel with a durable powder-coating finish, which means it will last for years. With the bed comes an open box design that makes storage underneath accessible and convenient. 

Assembly & Warranty

The loft bed also comes with a 5-year limited warranty from Harper & Bright Designs, ensuring that defects are covered for up to five years after purchase.

Comparison Between Harper & Bright Designs Full-Size Loft Bed Vs Dorel Living Denver Full-Size Loft Bed

Product informationHarper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft BedDorel Living Denver Full Size Loft Bed
BrandHarper & Bright DesignsDorel Living
ColorGray Functional Loft‎Black
Included ComponentsHardware and Manual, All Tools, Loft Bed Frame*1N/A
Maximum Weight Recommendation250 Pounds250 Pounds
Item Weight218 Pounds127.87 Pounds
Product Dimensions79.5″L x 57.1″W x 65.7″H80.5″L x 79.25″W x 72″H
Comparison of Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed

Why You Should Trust Us?

Our team of experts has taken the time to conduct a thorough review of the Harper & Bright Designs Bed. Our comprehensive analysis was designed to help provide you with insight into what makes this bed stand out from other options on the market. We took into consideration factors such as quality, durability, price point, and customer reviews when reviewing this product. 

Our full-size loft bed review revealed many great qualities of Harper & Bright Designs’ product. It also offers plenty of storage space underneath, allowing users to store items without taking up additional floor space in their room or home office.

How We Picked?

At Harper & Bright Designs, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive reviews of all our products, including the Full Size Loft Bed. To ensure that we’ve selected the best item for our customers, we carefully considered several factors.

First and foremost, safety is a priority when choosing any furniture for your home. We looked into the materials used to construct this bed and made sure it passed all necessary industry standards. Additionally, our research team evaluated how easy it was to install and assemble the bed. Furthermore, comfort was an important factor in deciding which loft bed should become part of our catalog. Our experts tested out various mattresses as well as different heights before settling on just one model.

How We Tested?

At Harper & Bright Designs, we take product testing seriously. We commit to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Also, we strive to test every product thoroughly before bringing it to market.

We started by examining the construction materials used in making the bed frame and then tested its durability through rigorous daily use tests. And we also tested the mattress provided with the loft bed for comfort and support levels, as well as its ability to hold up over time. Finally, we considered design aspects such as aesthetic appeal and ease of assembly when conducting our review.

10 Best Adult Loft Bed Reviews

An adult loft bed is a raised bed specifically designed for adults, offering additional space underneath. It’s ideal for small rooms, as it saves space by allowing for various purposes such as a desk, seating area, or storage. Safety is important, so sturdy construction is crucial. Adult loft beds come in different styles and materials, providing a practical solution to maximize space efficiently.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed

1. Can Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed be built without the desk component?

Yes, the Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed can be built without the desk component. This bed is designed to be a versatile piece of furniture that can fit into any space. It can be used as a standalone loft bed, or with the optional desk component attached.

2.  Can the ladder/stairs be installed on either end of the Harper & Bright Designs Full-Size Loft Bed?

Yes, the Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed is designed to accommodate ladder stairs on either end. The bed features a sturdy metal frame and includes two guardrails for added safety. Additionally, it comes with a built-in ladder that can be attached to either side of the bed for easy access.

3. Is Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed perfect for two people?

Yes, This Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed is perfect for two adult people. This bed’s Weight Capability is 250lb. This capability can easily hold 2 people.

Final Thought

Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Loft Bed is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and stylish way to save space. With its durable construction, integrated ladder, and safety railings, it is sure to provide you with years of worry-free use. Moreover, the available colors, styles, and sizes mean that you can find the perfect loft bed that fits your needs and preferences.

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