HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover

HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover (Tested & Reviewed)

The HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover is the perfect home gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive workout. With a sturdy steel frame and solid construction, this cable crossover is designed to last. You may change it to a variety of heights and settings to tailor your workouts to your fitness objectives. The pulleys and cables can be used to do lower-body workouts like squats and lunges as well as upper-body routines like pulldowns and chest presses. The unique design allows users to target different muscle groups with ease and precision.

About Company

HulkFit Company is a fitness equipment manufacturer that specializes in home gym products. Founded in 2014, HulkFit has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. supplying premium exercise equipment at competitive prices for clients wishing to maintain their fitness levels at home.

The business creates and produces whole gym setups for compact places, such as garages or apartments. Each of their goods is crafted with skill and attention to detail, assuring long-term durability, with an emphasis on strength training and general health. HulkFit also carries an assortment of free weight sets, kettlebells, ab rollers, battle ropes, and other accessories. 

HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover Review

Premium Materials 

The HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover is a must-have for serious and professional athletes alike. This commercial-grade machine offers superior strength and durability with its high gloss paint, and powder coated 13 gauge steel construction. Its solid construction allows it to handle even the heaviest loads while reducing noise and vibration to ensure smooth and quiet operation during every workout session. 

HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover have  Premium Materials

With its adjustable height, multi-position pulleys, and flexible cable lengths, this machine is perfect for working with different muscle groups. The dual-weight stack design helps you keep track of your progress as you increase your lifting intensity over time.

Easy to Assemble

HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover is Easy to Assemble

This powerful, easy-to-assemble power cage allows you to do just that. You can modify it to your needs thanks to its adjustable height and heavy-duty steel construction. A product manual that details how to put together each power cage is also included as an added bonus. Plus, all tools needed for assembly are also included for your convenience. This cable crossover is perfect for those who are serious about their fitness routine. 

Circle Dip Bars

One great feature of this machine is the Circle Dip Bars, specifically designed for chin-ups, dips, and other bodyweight exercises. These bars provide an effective upper-body workout that will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover have Circle Dip Bars

The strong construction of these heavy-duty Circle Dip Bars ensures maximum stability during workouts. With angled grips on each bar, they are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on wrists and elbows while maximizing comfort during your workout sessions.


J-hooks are a vital component of any serious weightlifter’s gym equipment. These accessories hook onto barbells and keep them secure, preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard. While also serving as an effective way to store the barbell when not in use. This product is made of heavy-duty steel construction with protective plastic covers that prevent your barbell from getting scratched or damaged during storage. 


The j-hooks feature adjustable height settings so you can customize your fitness routine as needed. Plus, they come with rubber feet that add extra stability and reduce slipping on the floor or platform surface.

Safety Bars or Safety Straps

The HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover is one of the most popular home gym systems on the market right now. With its tough construction and durable components, it’s an ideal piece of equipment for any home gym or garage. But what sets this machine apart from others is its safety features; the Safety Bars and Safety Straps provide additional security when doing chin-ups and pull-ups.

Safety Bars or Safety Straps

Safety bars are intended to keep users safe when performing chin-ups and pull-ups by enhancing stability and providing padding for people who could trip or fall while working out. The Safety Straps offer more support than just the bar alone, helping to prevent injury in case of a slip or misstep.

Ergonomic Foam Handles

Introducing HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover – the next generation of ergonomic foam handles for strength training. The unique design of the handle allows for a more comfortable, secure grip when performing cable exercises. With an easy-to-grip, contoured shape and soft foam coating, you’ll experience increased comfort during your workout. This makes it ideal for those who want to maximize their performance and reduce hand fatigue.

Ergonomic Foam Handles

Its ergonomic design also helps reduce strain on the wrist and lower back while promoting proper body alignment during exercise. With its robust construction, the cable crossover is perfect for intense lifting routines that require maximum stability and support.

Comparison Between HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover Vs Sunny Health & Fitness Rack Power Cage

Product informationHulkFit Pro Series Cable CrossoverSunny Health & Fitness Rack Power Cage
Brand NameHulkFit‎Sunny Health & Fitness
Material‎Plastic, SteelSteel
StylePower Cage- Yellow‎Strength Rack
Included Components‎Power Cage‎Rack, User Manual, Tool, Hardware
Item Weight‎60.78 Kilograms‎134.5 Pounds
Manufacturer‎HulkFit‎Sunny Health & Fitness
Comparison of HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover

Why You Should Trust Us?

At Expert Fitness Reviews, we have an experienced team of fitness experts who have personally used and tested this piece of equipment. We want to provide our readers with an honest and unbiased opinion of the HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover. 

Our in-depth analysis is based on how it performs during a full range of exercises, as well as it’s overall construction quality and price point. Our team will also be sure to break down each component of the cable crossover so that you can gain a better understanding before making your purchase decision. You can rely on us to give you all the details you need to make an informed choice about this product with our in-depth evaluation.

How We Picked?

At HulkFit, we understand that for any home gym enthusiast, finding the right fitness equipment can be a challenge. That’s why our team of experts has conducted a detailed review of the HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover. 

We ran the gadget through its paces to get to the bottom of things. We analyzed its functionality, longevity, and efficiency to guarantee that it would fulfill your requirements. In order to provide an unbiased evaluation, we also looked into customer reviews and feedback from people who have purchased this equipment.

How We Tested?

In order to evaluate the performance of the HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover, we conducted an extensive review and testing process. We tested the cable crossover for its overall build quality, ease of use, safety features, and reliability in different exercise scenarios. 

We used a variety of methods to evaluate each aspect of the cable crossover. For build quality and safety measures, we performed a thorough inspection of all components as well as stress tests on its frame. We documented our experience using it for various exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps press-downs, rows, bicep curls, and more. Additionally, we monitored its performance over several weeks to test if any parts or functions were prone to breaking down or malfunctioning over time.

5 Best Affordable Power Rack

A power rack is a sturdy and versatile piece of fitness equipment used for weightlifting and strength training. It consists of a frame with adjustable safety pins, barbell holders, and various attachments for exercises like squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. Power racks provide a safe and controlled environment for lifting heavy weights, making them an essential tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

FAQs–(Frequently Asked Questions) About HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover

Can I switch out the weight bars on the lat pulldown for standard plates?

Yes, The 2″ covers are plastic. You can switch out the HulkFit Cable Crossover weight bars on the lat pulldown for standard plates. Not only can you do this, but it is actually recommended in order to maximize your workout potential. 

Can I use my cage for a different lat pull-down attachment? How tall is the attachment?

Yes, you can use your cage for a different lat pull-down attachment. The cage and attachment may require customization to fit your needs.

How much weight can you safely drop on the racks?

It is a fully equipped bench. You could safely drop over 600 pounds and have no issues whatsoever.

Does the product have the accessories and attributes to suit other power racks?

Yes, the HulkFit Pro Series Cable Cross has the accessories and attributes to suit other power racks. The cable cross is designed to fit with any standard 2″ x 2″ power rack or cage, so it’s compatible with a variety of different brands and models.

What barbell length can precisely accommodate?

The HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover can accommodate barbells up to 6 feet in length. Fitting into most locations and accommodating a wide range of workouts, this is an ideal size for a home gym or commercial training center.

Final Thought

The HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for anyone looking to get a gym-quality workout at home. Its heavy-duty construction and efficient cable pulley system make it suitable for workouts ranging from box jumps to bicep curls. The versatile design allows you to customize your own workout routine and the adjustable weight stacks are great for progressive overload. The affordable price makes the HulkFit Pro Series Cable Crossover a great value for those looking to start their home gym.

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