Max & Lily Twin Bed

Max & Lily Twin Bed for Kids (Tested & Reviewed)

Max & Lily Twin Bed is a stylish and sturdy piece of furniture that offers a combination of style, comfort, and affordability that makes it an excellent option for siblings or roommates sharing a room. Durable, stylish, and designed with children in mind, this twin bed is sure to be a favorite among your little ones. Its classic design allows it to blend seamlessly into any existing bedroom decor while providing a comfortable night’s rest. With its solid wood construction and beautiful finish, the Max & Lily Twin Bed will be right at home in your child’s room.

About Company

At Max & Lily, we’re passionate about creating stylish and functional furniture for kids and parents alike. We understand the challenges of shopping for children’s bedroom furniture. That it needs to look great but also be durable enough to last through the years. That’s why we take pride in crafting beds and bedroom sets that are both fun and functional — pieces that will grow with your family. 

Since our founding in 2017, we’ve been determined to make high-quality products accessible to everyone. Our commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do — from selecting sustainably sourced materials. Like pine wood from responsibly managed forests. To luxurious upholstery fabrics. With a range of styles including traditional favorites as well as more modern looks. We make sure there’s something for every taste.

Max & Lily Twin Bed for Kids Review

Superior Quality

This twin bed has constructed with sturdy solid wood that ensures safety and longevity. It also features an attractive headboard with a classic panel design which adds charm to any bedroom decor.

 Max & Lily Twin Bed has Superior Quality

The bed has designing to meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. It boasts a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. So it can easily accommodate two children or even adults if needed. Additionally, its low profile allows easy access while still providing adequate protection from falls due to its guard rail included in the set. In addition, this product comes ready to assemble with all necessary tools included in the package. Making assembly faster and easier than ever before.

Sturdy & Stable

This twin bed has been expertly crafted from solid pine wood, providing both strength and durability. It’s clean lines and timeless design make it easy to complement any bedroom décor.

Max & Lily Twin Bed has Sturdy & Stable

The Max & Lily Twin Bed is designed to fit a standard twin mattress and has additional space underneath for storage. Making it an ideal choice as your child grows up. It also features an adjustable height feature so you can easily change the height of the bed as your child’s needs change. For added convenience, assembly instructions are included with each purchase to make setup quick and easy.

Modern Clean Design

Modern clean design is a timeless trend and that is seen in modern furniture. Especially with the Max & Lily Twin Bed. This piece of furniture by Maxwood Furniture is designed to bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any bedroom space. Its sleek lines and contemporary look create an atmosphere of style and class while still maintaining functionality. 

Max & Lily Twin Bed has Modern Clean Design

The Max & Lily Twin Bed features high-quality craftsmanship, with its solid wood construction providing strength and durability. Its unique headboard features a bookcase design, making it perfect for storing books or displaying other items. The bed also includes convenient side drawers for extra storage space. And comes complete with matching wood slats for added stability.

Metal-On-Metal Structural 

This high-quality piece of furniture is built to last, combining the durability and strength of metal construction with classic design elements. The bed frame features welded steel construction along with a scratch-resistant epoxy finish for superior protection. Not only does this make it virtually indestructible, but it also has an attractive modern look that looks great in any room. 

Max & Lily Twin Bed has Metal-On-Metal Structural 

Parents don’t have to worry about their little ones outgrowing this bed either – its adjustable height allows it to grow with them as they get older. This product provides maximum stability while still being light enough to move around when needed.


The sleek, modern design of this bed will surely fit any home décor. Unlike bulky bunk beds that require extra assembly and a large footprint in any room, Max & Lily’s twin bed requires no additional tools for assembly and comes with all hardware included. With its compact size, this twin bed provides plenty of sleeping arrangements without taking up too much space in your child’s bedroom or living area.


This space-saving twin bed from Max & Lily is converting into a daybed or even an extended full-size one once they are ready to transition from toddler to teen. Its height allows toddlers to climb up easily while also providing adequate safety features such as guardrails on both sides of the frame for added security and convenience.

Standard Twin-Size Mattress

This mattress offers superior comfort with several layers of high-density foam that contours your body, providing optimal back support and pressure relief. Plus, its construction ensures long-lasting durability so you can be sure it will last your child through their growing years and beyond. 

Standard Twin-Size Mattress

The Max & Lily Twin Bed also features breathability technology in its fabric cover which helps to regulate body temperature so you can sleep soundly throughout the night without tossing and turning due to overheating or sweating. Additionally, it is designed with safety in mind with all materials meeting or exceeding federal flammability standards.

Comparison Between Max & Lily Twin Bed for Kids Vs Dorel Living Braylon Twin Bed

Product informationMax & Lily Twin Bed for KidsDorel Living Braylon Twin Bed
Special Feature‎Low Voc Finish, Non-toxic‎Sturdy
Item Weight‎47 Pounds28 Pounds
Furniture Finish‎Low Voc Finish,Non-toxic‎Espresso
Comparison of Max & Lily Twin Bed for Kids

Why You Should Trust Us?

We understand how important it is to provide a safe and comfortable sleep environment for your child or children. That’s why our beds feature a patented steel frame construction that provides extra support while they sleep, as well as air ventilation technology that helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night. Plus, this product is an eco-friendly material that will last through years of use without sacrificing comfort or quality.

How We Picked?

We tested a variety of twin beds before choosing this one. With safety in mind—it meets or exceeds all safety standards. And made from solid New Zealand pine wood construction. We also loved its modern design that fits perfectly into any bedroom decor, plus the removable guardrails provide extra peace of mind when transitioning to a “big kid bed”. Finally, this bed comes with a limited 5-year warranty which is an added bonus,

How We Tested?

Our team assembled a testing team made up of experts and everyday consumers to give us an outside-in perspective on how the twin bed performed under various conditions. Each tester had their own unique experience with the bed and provided detailed feedback after each trial run. We measured everything from stability to ease of assembly, taking into account all reports from testers in order to determine if it was worthy of sale on our site or not. Ultimately, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

10 Best Children’s Bed

A children’s bed is a cozy and secure sleeping space designed specifically for kids. It is smaller in size, with playful and colorful designs, ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment for children to rest and sleep. These beds often come with safety features such as guardrails and low heights to prevent falls, making them perfect for creating a soothing and enjoyable sleep environment for young ones.

FAQs– (Frequently Asked Questions) About Max & Lily Twin Bed 

How thick of a mattress is suggested with these?

Recommend low-profile mattresses 5″ to 8 ” high. The guardrails are 15″ high, so up to a 10″ mattress can be accommodated in order to meet federal safety regulations. That requires a minimum of 5″ between the top of the mattress and the top of the guardrails.

Is the bed frame easy to move?

The bed frame is not usually very heavy, so it can be moved easily by one or two people.

What is the material of the bed frame?

The bed frame is made of wood.

What type of wood is used for the bed frame?

The bed frame is made of solid wood, usually pine or oak.

Does the bed frame come with a headboard?

Yes, the bed frame comes with a headboard.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the Max & Lily Twin Bed is an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their children with a comfortable and safe place to sleep. It’s constructed with quality materials that are built to last. And its size is versatile enough to fit in most bedrooms. The bed also features a modern design that adds style to any room, and its optional trundle bed gives families the flexibility they need. Its affordability and sturdy construction make it a great value for budget-conscious shoppers.

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