OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder (Tested & Reviewed) 

Coffee lovers know that grinding your own beans is the best way to ensure a fresh cup of coffee. The OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder makes it easier than ever to get the perfect grind every time. This versatile grinder provides the ideal grind for all types of brewing methods, from espresso to French press and more. It features an intuitive digital timer and built-in adjustable settings so you can customize your grind size and quantity with just a few clicks.

About Company

OXO is one of the most trusted and recognizable housewares brands in the world. Founded in 1990 by Sam Farber, it has grown to become an internationally renowned brand that offers a wide variety of kitchen tools and gadgets. OXO’s mission is to provide thoughtfully designed products that make everyday living easier for a wide range of consumers. 

The company designs things with form, function, and affordability. They also sell cutting boards, storage bins, utensils, and other kitchen items. OXO is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions for everyday tasks.

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Stainless Steel Conical Burrs 

Stainless steel conical burrs are the essential component of a high-quality grinder, and the OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is no exception. This grinder uses stainless steel conical burrs to grind coffee beans for optimal flavor extraction and a superior cup of joe. The precision-engineered burrs create uniform grounds for both French press and espresso makers. 

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder have Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

The design of the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder makes it easy to use and clean up afterward. Additionally, its sleek stainless steel look fits in perfectly with any kitchen aesthetic while adding convenience when grinding coffee beans at home.

15 Grind Size Settings 

For those looking for a precision grinding experience, the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is an ideal choice. With 15 different settings to choose from, users can grind their favorite coffee beans to the perfect consistency. From a coarse French press to a fine espresso, this grinder ensures each brew tastes as fresh and delicious as possible.

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder have 15 Grind Size Settings

The conical burr design of the OXO Brew Coffee Grinder helps preserve natural coffee bean flavor while reducing heat buildup. This helps bring out even more nuanced flavors in your cup of joe. Additionally, Its intuitive hopper lid and bean chamber make it straightforward and convenient to use as well.

One-Touch Start 

One-Touch Start

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is the must-have kitchen appliance for coffee aficionados. This burr grinder offers users a one-touch start and adjustable settings to craft the perfect cup of joe. It features stainless steel conical burrs that create uniform grounds, with 15 settings ranging from fine to coarse grinds. Also, The intuitive design allows users to quickly access their settings with its digital display and one-button start control. Additionally, it also provides consistent results with an accurate timer that shuts off automatically once complete.

Large-Capacity Hopper Holds 

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is a must-have tool for coffee aficionados. This industrial-grade grinder can grind freshly roasted beans and store your favorite pre-ground coffee in its 0.75-pound hopper.

Large-Capacity Hopper Holds

The conical burr design ensures an even grind size and reduced noise during the grinding process. While its adjustable settings allow you to customize your cup of coffee according to your personal preferences. With its large capacity and many features, the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is an essential addition to any home or commercial kitchen.

Stainless Steel Static

Stainless Steel Static is all about OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. This coffee grinder is the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite cup of joe. Also, It features an advanced stainless steel conical burr for precision grinding, ensuring consistent grounds and optimal flavor extraction every time. 

Stainless Steel Static

Additionally, The bean hopper also has an integrated storage container so you can store additional beans without taking up counter space or packing extra bags on trips away from home.

10 Best Affordable Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a device used to pulverize coffee beans into a fine powder for brewing a flavorful cup of coffee. It typically includes a container or hopper to hold the beans, a motorized blade or burrs for grinding and a receptacle for collecting the ground coffee. The grinder’s primary purpose is to break down the beans into smaller particles, maximizing the extraction of flavors during brewing. Coffee enthusiasts prefer using grinders to ensure freshness and control over the grind size. Blade grinders chop the beans with spinning blades, while burr grinders crush them between abrasive surfaces for consistency. A good coffee grinder is an essential tool for achieving a superior coffee experience at home or in commercial settings.

Comparison Between OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder Vs Proctor-Silex Electric Coffee Grinder 

Product informationOXO Brew Burr Coffee GrinderProctor-Silex Electric Coffee Grinder
Brand‎OXOProctor Silex
Material‎Stainless SteelPlastic
Style‎Burr GrinderCoffee Bean Grinder
Item Weight‎6.58 Pounds1.08 Pounds
Capacity‎0.34 Kilograms457 Milliliters
Wattage100 watts150 watts
Manufacturer‎OXOProctor Silex
Comparison of OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder

Why You Should Trust Us?

OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable coffee grinder. The Coffee Grinder has been tried and tested by many coffee lovers, boasting a high rating among customers who have purchased it. 

Our team at  OXO has taken the time to review this product thoroughly in order to give you an unbiased opinion about its features and capabilities. Also, We’ve examined every aspect of the coffee grinder from ease of use to grinding capacity so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your new grinder.

How We Picked?

When it comes to grinding coffee beans, the Coffee Grinder is a top choice. We conducted a comprehensive review of the product to determine its value and usefulness.

Besides, Our review began by examining customer ratings and reviews of the product and found an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers who had purchased the grinder and used it in their own homes. Generally, The consensus was that the grinder was efficient, easy to use, and capable of producing consistent results each time it was used. We also appreciated the fact that it contained safety features such as an auto shut-off for improved protection against overheating or overriding. 

How We Tested?

To make sure our review of the Coffee Grinder was accurate and comprehensive, we put the product through rigorous testing. We used a variety of coffee beans to assess the grinder’s ability to grind consistently and accurately without producing too much heat or static. To compare the grind quality, we used both an espresso machine and a manual pour-over setup with each bean. Additionally, we ran multiple tests on noise levels and ease of use in order to evaluate how user-friendly this grinder is. 

Throughout our testing process, we took notes on every aspect of performance from grinding speed to particle size distribution. We also compared it against other similarly priced burr grinders in terms of ease of cleaning and durability.

FAQs– (Frequently Asked Questions) About OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder

How loud is this grinder?

The OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is a relatively quiet grinder when compared to other electric grinders. The motor is designed to be quiet and efficient, and the sound it produces is comparable to a standard blender.

How hard would it be to procrastinate this cleanup?

Cleaning a Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is not particularly difficult, but it can be easy to procrastinate. The process requires taking apart the grinder, washing all of the components, and reassembling it. 

Can I grind directly into a portafilter?

Yes, you can grind directly into the portafilter with this Coffee Grinder. This grinder has a convenient built-in adjustable grind selector that allows you to choose from 15 different settings. 

What grind setting works best for French presses?

The beans determine which I determine as a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 10. The coarseness of the beans on a Chemex is enough for me to say six, while that of an Aeropress could be anywhere from three to five.

Final Thought

The OXO Brew Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent grinder for those who are looking for a quality cup of coffee. It’s easy to operate and modify your grinds to obtain the perfect cup of coffee every time thanks to its simple yet effective design, powerful motor, and changeable settings. Furthermore, its contemporary style makes it a wonderful accessory for any kitchen worktop.

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